Follow-up report on violations of the defendant’s rights in the State Security Case 741/2019

Egyptian Front published a report on violations of the rights in the State Security Case 741/2019, which includes a number of activists such as Mustafa Maher and Haitham Mohamedin, and Mrs. Rania Al-Goaili, who have been subjected to a number of violations since their arrest such as enforced disappearance, cruel treatment, and detention In bad places.

The security forces arrested Rania Mahmoud ElGoweli, a housewife, from her home in Rehab on May 12, 2019. That was one day before arresting activist Mostafa Maher, brother of Ahmed Maher who is also an activist and member of the April 6 movement. On May 14, the security forces detained Haitham Muhamadeen, an activist lawyer, from Saft Ellaban Police Station where he was implementing precautionary measures as an alternative to his pretrial detention, pending the State Security case 718/2018 known as the “Metro Arrests” case which compels him to be present at the police station once a week. The three of them appeared before state security prosecution on May 16, on accusations of the participation in a terrorist group, misusing social media through contributing with the Muslim Brotherhood in organizing demonstrations during the African Cup of Nations, pending the State Security Case 741/2019.

This report monitors, through documentation and follow up with the defendants’ attorneys, the most prominent legal violations they experienced in connection with this case, starting from the moment of their arrest until their appearance before the prosecution and during the period of their detention renewal, during which the three of them were subjected to enforced disappearance, in addition to prosecuting them on an informal basis, torture, and the absence of the prosecution’s permission during their arrest.


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