A follow-up report on violations of the defendants’ rights in the state security case 1365/2019

Egyptian Front published a report on violations of the rights in the State Security Case 1356/2019, which includes a number of activists such as the blogger Alaa abdel-Fattah, HRD Mohammed Elbaqer, who have been subjected to a number of violations since their arrest such as enforced disappearance, cruel treatment, and detention In bad places.

A raging security campaign was launched by the Egyptian authorities in reaction to the protests that took place in Egypt on September 20, 2019. The protests broke out in several governorates, generating a huge wave of arrests exceeding two thousands persons, according to the Egyptian Front for Human Rights through assessing the number of defendants brought before the prosecution until the beginning of October 2019. Most of the arrests were random, as Cairo witnessed arrests carried out after random inspection, especially in the downtown area, while journalists, activists, lawyers, and human rights activists were also targeted in the campaign, they were accused in varying cases.

The state security case 1356/2019 began with the detention of activist Alaa Abdel Fattah in the Dokki Police Station on September 29 while he was implementing the police parole issues against him, he was transferred to the state security prosecution in the fifth settlement. When his lawyer Mohamed Al-Baqer headed there, he was also arrested for them to be both defendants in the same case, the prosecution accused them of joining a terrorist group, spreading false news, abusing social media through publishing lies as well as financing a terrorist group. The prosecution made the accusations and sources of investigation anonymous, according to the defendants’ lawyer the nature of this terrorist group or false news were not revealed. It should be noted that the investigations with the defendants  were not completed, despite the lapse of 3 months since the beginning of the first investigation.

This brief report monitors the legal situation and detention conditions of three out of the four defendants pending the case;  Alaa Abdel Fattah, human rights lawyer Mohamed Al-Baqer, and journalist Mohamed Ibrahim Mohamed Radwan (oxygen) in an attempt to shed light on the nature of the violations they have been subjected to since their arrest until the writing of this report.

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