The Economic Court sentences on EIPR’s Director Hossam Bahgat, to a fine of 10,000 pounds, for accusing him of insulting the election authority and publishing false news on social media.

Today, November 29, 2021, the Third Chamber of Economic Crimes Court sentenced to a fine of 10,000 Egyptian pounds on the director of the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR) in Case No.1592 for the year 2021 at the Cairo Economic Court in Maadi for accusing him of “insulting the Elections Authority”, “spreading false news” and “Using an account on social media to commit these two crimes,” which came in response to a tweet he posted on Twitter last year criticizing the administration of the former head of the National Authority for Parliamentary Elections in Egypt. This sentence came after three months from the start of his trial sessions on September 7.
Bahgat and the EIPR faced many restrictions due to their activities to improve the human rights situation in Egypt, as Bahgat is still accused in Case 173 of 2011, known (foreign funding). He is still banned from travelling, and his money is still frozen. On the other hand, The crackdown and prosecution on the EIPR’s staff are continued. For instance, the researcher Patrick George still had been imprisoned for more than a year and a half since the arrest in February 2020

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