From the Cairo airport to the State Security Prosecution: Arrest of Adel Hussein and Hossam Hussein on accusations of joining a terrorist group and misusing social media

On 1 December 2021, the Egyptian Front for Human Rights monitored that State Security Prosecution (SSSP)’s decided to imprison Adel Hussein Thabet Dahshan (41 years – works at a hospital in UAE) and Hossam Hussein Abdel Hamid Ibrahim (53 years – Branch manager specialized in farms and gardens in a company in Saudi Arabia) for 15 days, in Case No. 2000 of the year 2021, on accusations of joining a terrorist group, spreading false news, and misusing social media.
Dahshan was arrested on 30 November 2021 from Cairo Airport while returning to Egypt as a vacation from his work in UAE with his wife and son. The Security officer examined his mobile. When he found nothing on it, he asked Dahshan if he wrote political opinions and published them on social media, which he denied it. The next day, 1 December, he appeared in the State Security Prosecution (SSSP), which decided to keep him in custody in case No.2000 for the year 2021, and charged him with accusations of joining a terrorist group, misusing social media and spreading false news.
Hossam was also arrested in the Cairo Airport on 30 November after passing the Passport office while returning from Saudi Arabia. The police interrogated Hossam by a state security officer, who asked him about what he publishes on his Facebook account. Hossam was detained at the airport for one day until he appeared on the morning of 1 December before the State Security Prosecution, which accused him of joining a terrorist group, spreading false news and misusing the means of communication. After that, SSSP decided to imprison him for 15 days in Case No. 2000 for the year 2021 State Security.

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