On Case No. 65/2022: SSSP investigated Abanoub Semaan and others on accusations of participation in a gathering affecting public authority and committing a terrorist act to disturb the public security.

On February 5, 2022, the Egyptian Front for Human Rights monitored the appearance of Abanoub Magdy Semaan before (SSSP )The supreme State Security Prosecution to investigate him in Case No. 65/ 2022, which accused him of organizing a gathering that affects public authority, participating in a gathering that affects public authority and committing a terrorist act to disturb public security, which came on the background of his involvement and others in a demonstration in front of the Diocese of Samalut in Al-Minya Governance on January 22 and 23 to demand the construction of a church in Ezbet Faraj Allah, instead of other churches which was burned. Notably, the demonstration carried slogans, such as: “We want to build a church”, “If you don’t build a church, we will stay in the street.”

Abanoub Semaan was arrested on January 30, 2022, after he received a call from a priest named “Father Sarafien” while he was watching the match between Egypt and Morocco, who asked him to meet him, and when he went, the priest told him that the security went to his house, then took him to the police station, where was detained, then was moved to the National Security headquarters in El-Minya Governorate, where was held for four days, then he was transferred to the police station again, then appeared on February 5, 2022, before the prosecution in the case mentioned above, such as Raymond Hanna Waheed, Milad Mahrous and Marco Samir.

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