After Sudan handed them over to Egypt: SSSP imprisoned two women in case No.1527/ 2018 on accusations of joining a terrorist group and committing a terrorist act. 

Egyptian Front for Human Rights monitored on 1st February 2022 that Supreme State Security Prosecution (SSSP) imprisoned Fatma Hamdy Mohamed Refaei (44 old- Housewife) and Aya Hassan Abdel Salam (24 old – Student in Art College) for 15 days, in case No.1527/2018 state Security on accusations of joining a terrorist group and committing a terrorist act.

The two women were arrested on 27th September 2021, after confrontations between the Sudanese security forces and their husbands, claiming their husbands joined an extremist terrorist group and escaped after these confrontations.

In the prosecution’s investigations, Fatma mentioned that she and her children were in Sudan. During her return from a picnic in Riyadh, Khartoum, they were stopped by a police ambush, then they were arrested and took them to an unknown place, where they were detained until she asked to return her to Egypt. On 2nd January, the Sudanese security forces handed over she and her children to Egypt; after that, she didn’t know anything about her children. And After weeks since she was detained in an unknown place, she appeared before SSSP on 1st February 2022.

Aya mentioned in the investigations as Fatma said, and added that after she and her children were arrested in Sudan on 27th September, she was taken to the Sudanese intelligence headquarter and detained with Fatma and other women until they were handed over to Egypt on 2nd January 2022. She was then moved to national security headquarter in Beni Swaif, until she appeared before SSSP on 1st February in the same case.

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