The Egyptian Front for Human Rights expresses its concern over the potential arbitrary deportation of two detained Egyptian opposition figures in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The Egyptian Front for Human Rights is deeply concerned about the possibility of arbitrary deportation by Bahraini authorities of two Egyptian opposition figures, El-Sayed Mohamed Mahmoud Ajez and Mohamed Al-Iraqi Saad Hassanein, who were arrested on August 2, 2023, based on politically motivated charges. Such deportation would jeopardize their freedoms and personal safety.

El-Sayed Mohamed Mahmoud is a businessman holding both Turkish and Egyptian citizenship, residing in Bahrain for eight years with a valid Bahraini resident identity card. His family believed that he had been arrested based on a 15-year prison sentence issued against him. Similarly, Mohamed Al-Iraqi Saad Hassanein, a computer engineer, has been a Bahraini resident for eight years with a valid residency card and their relatives are believed to have been arrested due to a life sentence issued against him in a military case in Egypt.

This arrest comes amidst an expansion of security authorities in several Arab countries detaining Egyptian opposition figures whose names are linked to political cases in Egypt. Among these countries are Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain, indicating an increasing exchange of security and intelligence information leading to the pursuit of opposition figures within their territories.

The Egyptian Front urges relevant international human rights bodies to urgently intervene against the potential arbitrary deportation and ensure the safety and rights of El-Sayed Mohamed Mahmoud Ajez and Mohamed Al-Iraqi Saad Hassanein, preventing their extradition to Egypt, where they may face inhumane conditions, the risk of torture, and enforced disappearances, which have already occurred in similar cases.


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