# 6pmChallenge – Take a picture at 6pm and share a challenge with 3 other people!

Why “6 pm Challenge”?
In Egypt, up to 60,000 political prisoners are held unjustly in prisons. In prison are often torture, closure in isolation and other abuses. Why? Behind the criticism of the government, the dictatorial regime, the participation in peaceful demonstrations, critical contributions to social networks … Following these several years’ sentences, these people are further monitored. The next years must always report at the police station at 18:00 and spend the night there. This greatly marks their family and working lives, limiting the possibilities of pooling. Alaa Abdel Fattah has been serving for 5 years in prison – for participating in non-violent anti-government protests and a Twitter contribution criticizing the judiciary. After being released from prison, the next five years must be under this police custody.

How to join the challenge?
Exactly at 18:00, take a picture of what you are doing – whether you cook, go from work, practice, watch TV, sit in a pub … At the same time, hundreds of unjustly persecuted activists are being seized in Egypt – show solidarity with their cases and protest against the repressive practices of the Egyptian government.

Take a picture, have a photo on social network under hashtag # 6pmChallenge, and share this challenge with 3 other people.

Want to do more?
Sign the Egyptian Front for Human Rights petition against these repressive measures at http://egyptianfront.org/…/stop-the-surveillance-of-releas…/

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