The Egyptian authorities arrested a person who has been sentenced to Life imprisonment in case 64/2017 Criminal Military after his Sudanese plane had an emergency landing in Luxor

Today, January 13, 2022, the Egyptian authorities arrested Hossam Menoufi Mahmoud Sallam, who has been sentenced to life imprisonment in Case 64/2017, North Cairo Criminal Military, at Luxor Airport, after his Sudanese Plane (Badr Airlines) that was on its way from Al Khartoum to Istanbul. After one hour since the departure, The plane had an emergency landing at Luxor Airport after the pilot was informed that there was a technical problem in the cargo cabin.
According to witnesses, the National Security Agency interrogated Hossam at Luxor Airport before all contacts had been lost with him. According to testimonies also, Salam was stopped by Sudanese security at Al Khartoum airport yesterday, January 12, 2022
It is worth noting that Hossam Menoufi Salam is a defendant in Case 64 for the year 2017, North Cairo Criminal Military, known as the attempted assassination of the Assistant Public Prosecutor, and The military court sentenced him in March 2020. As well as He was sentenced to 3 years in prison in another case in 2015.

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