Ahmed Tantawi and 22 members of his election campaign have been referred to trial in case No.16336/2023 in the Misdemeanor Court of Al-Mataria, on a background of their involvement in collecting “unofficial” authorizations

The Egyptian Front for Human Rights has monitored today that the Mataria Misdemeanor Court has postponed the hearing of case No 16336/ 2023, Mataria Misdemeanor, in which the former potential presidential candidate Ahmed Tantawi and his campaign coordinator, Mohamed Abu Al-Diyar, with other 21 members of his campaign, were accused, on a background of their involvement in collecting “unofficial” authorizations.

The case has been adjourned until November 28, 2023, pending the submission of a power of attorney for Tantawi and Abu Al-Diyar, while the detention of the remaining defendants already held in custody continues, pending case No. 2255/ 2023, Supreme State Security.
It’s worth noting that the charges against Tantawi and Abu Al-Diyar, in this case, include their involvement in incitement, conspiracy, and providing support to the other defendants, through printing and distributing authorization forms without permission of the authority. The remaining defendants have been charged with printing and distributing election materials without authorization.

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