Continuing of arbitrary detention of Osama Bayoumi on Case No.640/2018


The arbitrary detention of the Lawyer Osama continues after the imprisonment order for 15 days on remand released by Supreme State Security persecution (SSSP), which accused him of joining a terrorist group and spreading false news on case No. 640 for the year 2018 (640/2018).
The Lawyer Osama Bayoumi was arrested on 30th January 2022 from home by a group of masked security officers, who also took the phones and laptops from home. Then they took him to the national security headquarter in the Al-Abasiya area (Downtown Cairo), where he was detained for four days until he appeared before the Supreme State Security persecution (SSSP) on 3rd February.
Osama is detained now in Al-Salam City Police station (East Cairo) and is expected that he will be moved to the Maximum Security prison in Tora (1), known as Scorpion Prison 1 soon, where many Muslim brotherhood group leaders are detained there.

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